.........................The Sound Tracks



The wall is illuminated from within and contains 16 audio channels; four of these channels are interactive, when touching a certain point on the glass different sound tracks are started: Sara Lidman reading one of her poems; Sara Lidman talking about the war in Vietnam, the apartheid in South Africa and other issues that she cared about and fight against; you can hear the sound of the clock at the family house and also listen to the word list from "peasant" to Swedish read by a neighbor of Missenträsk Lars Sundqvist, who grew up with her and a dear friend of her, actress Lena Granhagen.
In the other 12 channels it sounds the passage soundtrack, the sound of the forest (birds, the wind, a running creek) and a composition of tones done by Tem-Tupac Aguerre. The soundtrack is on 24 hours a day, every day.

Position of the sound in the passage.

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The different elements of the installation

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