.........................Quotations in the bicycle path



And then, what it was the beginning of the entire project: Sara Lidman’s quotations on the asphalt of the new cycle path in the passage as Sara Lidman Society wished.
11 citations are on the track, carefully laid with a new technique developed for Umeå. The citizens where invited in newspapers articles to propose quotation in the S. L. Society’s home page. Many suggestions have come in with large amounts citations. The Sara Lidman Connoisseurs in consultation with FA+ corrected and selected thirty three of them, eleven for the street and twenty two for the wall (plus the Lev! sign and bench and the quotation in the center part (I want to see the snow burn)

Whit this work Umeå has become the fifth city in the world that celebrates a deceased writer through his text in the open public space for new generations of readers. The latest volume in the FA + THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY called Live!

Position of the quotations in the cycle path, starting from the left side at street label.

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The different elements of the installation

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