The End of Capitalism, Part II

(The Ship of Fools)

Installation with 5 video projections, sound, fences and various objects

Modern Art Museum of Stockholm

August - September 2001


Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre with the performance and voice of Lizzie Zachrisson and soundtrack by Tem-Tupac Aguerre

The fences build a space with the form of a boat, into that space are floating sheets of rice paper, as sails, moved by the wind of a fan; on those sheets five video projections are to be seen: the largest is the face of a woman telling like in a mantra very privet and secret promises filled with dubious feelings. On the other projections four surveillance cameras follow her through the city by day and night, on a boat, on her holiday village.

The calm and unemotional voice of the woman it's in contrast with the hot rithm of the music collage and the high tempo of the other projections.

I promise not to hate so much your mother until she dies
I promise to have the menstruation every month that we are married
I promise to say that you are the father of your son
I promise to think about you while we are making love
I promise to feel sorry for the poor people
I promise to belive that your telephone is intelligent
I promise not to be like you mother
I promise to be interested when you speak about your work
I promise to leave you something when I leave you
I promise that the memories will be beautiful
I promise that in some paper in some wastebasket there will be a letter of love for you
I promise to use violence increasingly
I promise to keep on dreaming you
I promise to never wake up

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