An International Art Project by


Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre


"With this simple and elegant conceptual act, FA+ summarize and goes beyond what many artists, politicians, ideologues, have discussed for years: to present high culture at street level without making any exceptions in form or substance."
Charlotte Bydler, PhD in Art History, Professor, Art Critic and Curator


THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY is an artistic work that honors authors through their own texts and simultaneously raises children and youth’s lust for reading and creativity. It could be a permanent and/or temporary installation in the public space.

Pedestrians are confronted to a selection of quotes from the authors without any prior introduction. The installation is like an open book where people walk through the texts to read them; and the quotations will be a permanent and teasing introduction to the author's texts for coming generations.

The work is characterized by its discrete monumentalism. The materials, asphalt/stone and stainless steel belong to the milieu in a natural way. The use of typography for the letters, totally free from decoration to obtain maximal ease in reading for the pedestrians, is the same type used for public information boards. The line of citations offers a fresh alternative to the unavoidable text pollution about bargains, sales and advertisements from the shops along the street.

THE UNIVERSAL LIBRARY is placed in locations relevant to the author’s birth- or workplace. The quotations are suggested by the citizens’ trough a home page; later on the quality assurance and selection is done by the author’s experts in cooperation with FA+.


Strindbergs Citat


Zitat - Kant on Water


into dead so loved




....Ibsen Sitat

LagerlöfLagerlöf in Falun
Lev!. Lev! / Sara Lidman
Kierkegård Kierkegård Citat
Växjö Växjö
FA+ES3B FA+ES3B Skellefteå

The Universal Library was created in 1994 when quotations from author August Strindberg's texts were painted on Drottninggatan, in pedestrian street in central Stockholm, where Strindberg worked and lived.
In 1998 the installation became permanent using stainless steel letters inserted in the street’s asphalt. Since then, new volumes were edited in several cities and texts from new authors. Materials have varied from styrofoam and blond hair floating in water to steel in stone on the sidewalk.

FA+ has 25 years of pioneer work behind, with a profound experience in including the involvement of the population in the public space’s artwork.

It begun in the 1980’s in Spain to quickly establish it in the beginning of the 90’s in Sweden creating works like Stockholm for sale, Il Cadavere Squisito, L’Art de Triomphe and many others.

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