CALL 9 11

In one of the endless series of attacks and exercises in destruction that the Israeli invasion forces perform in Palestine, the soldiers demolish a cultural centre in the city of Ramalah. The centre/was financed by the Swedish International Development Aid (SIDA) to help educational programs. The aggression forces showed particular dedication in the obliteration of a kindergarten located in the cultural centre. The soldiers had particularly sadistic fun while demolishing the rooms for the children activities. As the photo shows they use the children's materials to express their "creativity" using Jackson Pollock's famous dripping-technique with similar results but three dimensional. Not happy with the visual aspect only, they ad new performative dimensions to the installation (body art), colour nuances and sensitive perceptions by urinating and defecating as much as their bodies were able to in the drawers, furniture and computer equipment. A very clear expression of Mr. Sharon's creative cultural plan for Palestine.

After World War II the CIA financed exhibitions of Jackson Pollock in Europe to break the old continent's cultural dominance and impose the North American culture as a part of the plan for achieve world supremacy. The strategy was successful, from the 50's on the cultural development had USA as a centre and so the economy of art. Many years after Pollock's dead his adepts in USA's closest ally, the Israeli army, are sill using his dripping techniques.

The work Call 911 was created for the art magazine Umeglokal 9.11 curated by Alfredo Castro, Sweden. Later on was shown in print form in the show Limes in the Photo Gallery of Lund and, outdoors, in a large print at Idiologia 2, second Nordic Art Biennial, Gothenburg 2003.
9.11 is the telephone number of the New York police as well as the digits for September eleven.