Smitta : FA+
VENICE BIENNIAL 1999 - Italian Pavilion
Ingrid Falk, Gustavo Aguerre, Anita Ponton, Nicola Pellegrini, Lennie Lee, Gini Simpson, Carla Pellegrini, Pierluigi Laceo, Pino Boresta, Suzell, Tilo, Suzy, Lorenea Luccui Dabili, Larobi, Gabi Scardi, Cesare, Caroline Bachman, Bonsan Mastro, Beral Nadia
July 10th at 2 pm in the Italian pavilion’s project-room of the Venice Biennial '99 in charge of Oreste, by a special invitation of Harald Szeeman, FA+ realised Contagion : Lunch Live. Artists, curators, investigators, 20 persons from five countries got together around the table prepared in the terrace to have a lunch together. Video cameras and microphones recorded the very lively Italian lunch and transmitted to the Spazio A where the audience was. In that space the live lunch was projected on the walls and through the speakers could the conversations be listen.The terrace where the actual Lunch Live was happening was separate from the projection room by a door with a large glas window. The audience had the option to look through the glas and see a bunch of people eating a lunch or sit comfortably in the "bag" sofas (forming a strawberry with cream cake) and look at the video projections as an art piece where artists, curators and investigators were having lunch and discussing the issue of contagion. The duality of contagion.
For the lunch FA+ used yellow plates and before the food was served they ask everybody to sign their plate with a permanent black marker. The first dish served was squids in its own ink. When they were finnished with the first dish the plates where collected and preserved as self-portraits done by the participants. Later FA+ gave seminars and had iteractive discussionn with the audience, Anita ponton and Virginia Simpson made a performance and Lennie Lee succeded with the masterpiece of convincing the authorities of the Biennial to let him use the biennial's speaker system, spread through the entire biennial's area in and outdoors. He wanted to encorage the biennial's visitors to scream with him. At the count of three Lennie Lee shouted a brutal 5 minutes primal scream that was joined in by plenty of visiting people. With that scream the project Smitta ended.