By FA+ (Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre)

A video and objects installation for the permanent collection of the

Malmö Art Museum

Stockholm - Malmö - Chiaravalle - London - Venice - Milan / 1995 - 2007

Curated by the director of the museum, Göran Christensson.
Assistant: Agustin Moreaux and the museum's staff; logo by Danuta
Installed at Malmö Konstmuseet, Sweden, in May 2007

The installation is a concentrated documentation of the project Smitta (Contagion) developed by FA+ through the years 1995 - 2000.

The project included the collaboration of a large number of participants from different countries and disciplines that in one way or the other worked with contagion: Artists, ethnologists, biologists, researchers, semiotics, experts in biological weapon, experts from the Institute for Contagion’s Prevention and many, many others.

Already from the start the project Smitta brought a new and revolutionary way of thinking in Swedish art; using Contagion as a social metaphor, above the medical meaning (at a time when everybody's only concern was AIDS) into a bread social aspect (at a time when social issues into art where completely passé and out of fashion, according to the art critics) and through bringing new conceptions like collaboration work, interdisciplinary, network building, process based project and so on, in everybody’s mouth today but unknown, ignored and disliked at that time.

For the show of the installation, we put back on the net the web site of the project to give you a hunch what FA+ was working with 1995. Look at



The room for the installation is completely white, including the floor (the ultimate white cube?) and it is as clean as possible, as an sterilized hospital operation's room without (as far as possible) any objects distracting the eye. The illumination is provided only by the blue tubes under the tables, the same kind of blue light like in the public toilets which is meant to impossible the drug addicts to find the veins to inject themselves. The reflection of the projections on the table contribute to the lighting. Before entering the room and in the room you hear the cacophony of plenty of people talking and having a dinner, is the sound of the videos.

The installation's center point is the two table's meeting in the middle of the room, in the form of a + (plus, like in FA+) or an x (like in the warning symbol). One of the tables is the surface for the images of four video projectors, the other one contain objects collected in the different steps of the project Smitta. Surrounding the table are 8 hospital screens with printed images and texts from the project and at each end of the room there are two sculptures, two piles of objects created along the project, like books, newspapers, posters, documentation's files, etcetera, all wrapped in plastic.

In the central table, four projectors show a mix from the videos recorded in the Stockholm's Dinner Event,

the DinnerOnDinner at Chiaravalle,

The London Dinner,

The Toaster and the Dinner in Milan,

LunchLive at Venice,

Ingrid's performance Rosario at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, for the show Middag.doc,

films on bacteria growing and samples from TV news on contagious diseases.

In the two lateral tables are four type of objects:

The dishes from Venice's LunchLive

The forks from The London Dinner

The drinking glasses of the DinnerOnDinner

The Dirty Money (Petri dishes for medical use, for virus and bacteria growing, with a bank note from all the G8 countries being eaten by the cultures of micro-organism) from the show Just for the Record

In every angle of the table there are a couple of hospital screens/shields, on those screens are printed photos, text, graphics, hand-write notes, posters and all kind of information related, produced and used into the project Smitta.


Look at the screens

At each entrances of the room it is a pile of objects (sculpture? assemblage?), important papers and objects for the project. There are all wrapped in plastic, all the maps containing our data about all the participants, including small paper strips whit a telephone number to high school literature on the issue, newspaper articles, prints of mails, the entire agenda, lists of shopping, EVERYTHING, in paper form we collected (we saved everything). Now it is there, a complete archive of all the project development, wrapped in plastic, ready to be analyzed for somebody in the future, interested on collaborative art projects in Sweden 1995.

There are also all those "spin-off" works, like the posters and books for the show Middag.doc, the newspapers and the Lennie Lee poster for Smitta = The Other for the Malmö Art Museum and many more, many more things, all wrapped in plastic to keep it for a future curious investigator.

Look at The Sculptures


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