A dress in blue checked cotton


This dress started out as a bit of a failure. I hade intended to make a long sleeved dress and I wanted the midriff found in this image and I also wanted gathers at the shoulders, since I hade made several dresses good-looking dresses with that at the time. I also decided to try out the pleated centre goer which can be found both in high fashion, such as the dress by Balenciaga from 1940 below and in more mundane surroundings, such as the catalogue from the Chicago Mail Order company's catalogue from 1941. The image shown is webbed by the amazing New Vintage Lady.



The dress is made  from a thin cotton. As you can see my dress is inspired by that dress to the right. I was a bit wary about adding a gathered part right where my tummy is, but it turned out rather nice. What didn't turn out nice was the bodice, there were lots of trouble since I started my pattern drafting from a pattern that wasn't ideal for the kind of bodice I wanted. I also didn't like the look of the long sleeves. They are perfectly right for the period, but somehow didn't suit my arms, I think they would have looked better with longer arms.

So about one year later I decided to have another go at the front bodice, using another pattern. I was also inspired by this advertising from 1946, to add white collar and cuffs.

I saw this advert just after I was finished with the dress and kicked myself for not seeing it earlier. It was perfect for the fabric. Since I managed to get more of the fabric I could, however, remake the front of the bodice and add collar and cuffs and now I'm really, really happy with how the dress looks and will actually wear it.

The hat in the image from the right is vintage, from a flea market, and I would guess early 1950s. The shoes are probably from the 50s too, I got them as a present from my friend Johanna. She makes awesome jewellery - check out her Etsy shop!



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