A checked rayon dress



The colour of the dress is somewhere between thes two photos. The left one has too much contrast ant the right photo is too yellow. The dress is made from a rayon remnant that I found at a flea market. The whole shaping over the bust is made with three tucks from the shoulder and two from the waist. I made the pattern myself, but there are several examples of this method in 1940s patterns, such as this one: Advance 2423 from ca 1940.

Image from Vintage Patterns Wiki

As you can see I chose to make the bodice on the bias, which made it a total pain to sew the zipper in the side. It still puckers slightly, but I just pretend that it's hidden under my arm :) The sleeves are also on the bias and are taken from Simplicity 3689 and the skirt is just a standard four gore skirt. In the second photo I'm wearing it with a jumper knitted from a pattern from 1937: Concentrate on the shoulders  from the excellent and very inspiring book A stitch in time. Vintage knitting & crochet patterns 1920-1949 by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford. Susan Crawford blog is called "Just call me Ruby" and here you find lots of interseting stuff about vintage knitting. There is also a volume two of A Stitch in time in progress.


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