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IGCP 482/489





Dynamic Evolution, Resource Potential and Environmental Impact of the  East African Rift System


This IGCP project is intended  for scientists from developing and developed countries to come together in a truly international and multi-disciplinary fashion to address the geodynamic evolution, resource potential and hazard impact of the East African Rift System (EARS). The  Project started in 2003 and is being carried out in several steps. The IGCP 482/489 project was approved at the General Meeting of the UNESCO/IGCP in October, 2002 in Paris, France.  The project integrates studies of the mature East African Rift of the Eastern and Western Branches with that of the more juvenile Southwestern Branch. A host of researchers world wide have pledged participation in this project (see email list) . There are control buttons at the top of every page which can be used  to navigate around the site and find the information you need.


The goals of the IGCP 482/489 are to obtain answers to interrelated theoretical and practical  problems pertaining to EARS through international cooperation. Other aims are to strengthen public awareness of earth system processes and education in the widest sense. Special emphasis is put on the benefit provided to society through capacity-building and the active participation of geologists from African  countries traversed by the EARS.


The International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) is a joint endeavour of UNESCO and IGUS (International Union of Geological Sciences) and operates in about 150 countries. "IGCP" which was formerly known as the "International Geological Correlation Programme, continues now as International Geoscience Programme, with an emphasis on broad societal relevant themes.