Costume gallery

These are some of my costumes. Since making historical clothes is my all engulfing interest and I have a closet ready to burst from all my costumes there will be more costumes here later.

12th century

A german dress
from c. 1130

A checked

A green silk
13th and early 14th century

A dress from

A man's and a
woman's costume

A man's early
14th c. costume

An early 14th c.
red cotte

An early 14th c.
murrey cotte

A cotte and
a gardecorps

A pink cotte
and striped veil

Last three quarters of the 14th century

A Herjolfsnes
dressin the
style of the 1340s

A gown based on the
preserved woman's gown
from Uvdal in Norway
16th century

A plum gown

My first elizabethan

The green wool dress

A french peasant

A loose gown

A loose kirtle

A red high-
necked gown

Maja's first 16th
century outfit

A gown from
the 1520s

A late 16th century
peasant gown

A flemish gown
from the 1560s

A man's outfit
from the 1560s

A gown for a
4 year old girl

A french gown
from 1565

A peasant outfit
from the 1520s
18th century

18th century underwear

A robe la
19th century

A dress from c. 1815
My folk costume

A folk costume from
Ase and Viste harad in Sweden


20th century

Here you find the 20th century clothing, mainly from the 1940s and 1950s that I make to use for everyday wear.