A 16th century loose kirtle
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2004-02-03   Last weekend I redid the hem and yesterday I added the last of the black cording so now the kirtle is finished. On to the sleeves!
   The kirtle looks a little short in the front in this picture, but that problem will be solved in three months :) You also can't see the black cording very well, but rest assured, when the sleeves are finished I will take many more photos and add this kirtle to the Comstume Gallery.

2004-02-15   I have been too tired to work on the kirtle lately, I have also been away for almost a week. But yesterday my friend Anna came over to sew and I finally pushed myself into making a pattern for the sleeves. After some pinning it worked and to my surprise and delight I was actually able to cut all four pieces from the brocade without pieceing the fabric. There is some colour difference between the pieces, due to sun bleaching while the brocade was still a curtain, but not too jarring. I have sewn the sleeves and lining (linen) together and made all the lacing holes. Now I need to buy ribbon to bind the sleeves at the cuffs and attach the black net and start on the applique. I'm tired though, so this may not happen today.
  I have also decided to add spangles/sequins to the kirtle, at least on the net bands, but probably all over the brocade. The original kirtle was embroidered with silver thread and spangles and even though I've chosen a brocade instead I think spangles will make it more like the original. But that won't be done today either. Actually I think I'm going to start making a suit of ruffs to wear with the kirtle.

2004-02-27   I have finished the sleeves, including putting spangles on the net bands and in the centre of each motif on the brocade. I have also started putting sequins on the kirtle and I've done ca 1/3. When I've finished the kirtle I'm going to make some changes on the sleeves of my green loose gown before I take any photos for the Costume gallery. Since Rickard is going to have to lace me into my hemp corset and the kirtle for the pictures (and take the pictures) I thought it would be a nice thing to wait until we can take all pictures at the same time. I'm getting more and more tired as my belly grows so it may take a couple of weeks. Anyway, here's a picture of the sleeves:

You can klick on the image to see them better, the spangles aren't really visible anyway.

2004-03-12   The kirtle is finished and can now be seen in the Costume gallery. I therefore declare this dress diary officially ended.

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