A french peasant

This dress is based on a picture in Hans Weigel's Trachtenbuch printed in 1577.
It's a french peasant woman. The dress is made of yellow worsted and the guard at the hem and the f ront placket is made of dark grey-black wool flannel.

Image from La Couturière Parisienne
Made in 2002

I'm wearing sewn stockings of a thin wool twill (in fact the same as I'm going to use for my flemish dress) and black leather shoes, hand made in the period turn-shoe way. The smock is entirely hand sewn and made of thin linen.
In this image you can see the lacing closer, maybe too close as you can see the lacing holes on the placket. I don't know what I was thinking when I chose white linen thread to make them. I think I was just to in love with using waxed linen thread, to actually think. I also didn't think it would show. The bodice and front placket are first spiral laced together and then I use ladder lacing to keep the bodice together.

I apologize for the general low quality of the pictures. First, they were taken with a cheap digital camera and second, it was 10 pm, and the relative darkness makes funny things with colours.

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