The A&S 50 Stash Challenge

The A&S 50 Stash Challenge is a variation of the more commonly known A&S 50 Challenge: a challenge within the medieval recreation group Society for Creative Anachronism to make 50 things within the Arts and/or sciences, related to the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, before the Anno Societatis 50, that is: the fiftieth anniversary of that organization, which will be in 2015.
   Since I'm totally over-productive and have a family to sew for I didn't feel that as enough of a challenge to be interesting. However, in 2008, Mary Taran of Glastonbury (SCA name)came up with a variation. Knowing that a lot of us have a great deal more fabric than we actually need for our sewing projects, she proposed a twist to the challenge: that we were only to use materials from our stash. Notions are permitted, but at least 50% of the project's materials should be from stash. A LiveJournal group was also created, where we can follow each other's struggle with our mountains of fabric.
   This was a challenge to my taste, and here you will be able to follow the proceeding. I cannot promise to make a plan, or to write extensive documentation for all teh things I do, but there will be photos, and some documentation for all of them.

1. A 15th century kirtle made entirely from materials in my stash.

2. A low-cut gathered smock to be worn under the kirtle.

3. A hand sewn linen shirt for my friend Björn/Arnaut. No, no photos, it's just a shirt made with rectangular construction.

4. A hand sewn 15th century kirtle from hand woven linen.

5. A gefrens woven with tablets from silk yarn (dyed by me and a friend).

6, 7, 8. Shirt, braies and hose for my husband.

9. A coif for my husband.

10. A fringed 15th century cap for me.