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About me - or rather my profession

I am a senior high school mathematics teacher, and have been working in this profession since 1979. At present I hold a post as lecturer at Porthälla Gymnasium in Partille, Sweden (just outside Gothenburg). My academic background consists of university studies in mathematics, physics and philosophy, and a PhD in theoretical physics. Besides my research studies, in the 70-ties I also conducted university courses at different levels, mainly in relativity theory, quantum mechanics and applied mathematics.

One of my most striking experiences as a senior high school teacher is the great interest and and ability to understand mathematics of many students of ages 16-19. I have a firm belief that many areas of mathematics, that are normally studied at university level, can be grasped also at high school level if they are given a suitable presentation. Just to mention one example, in the academic year 1982/83 I tought an optional course in complex analysis. In just 15 hours this enabled the participants to determine integrals by residue calculus!

One purpose of my math page is to present a number of comparatively advanced topics in a way that makes them accesible at senior high school level or slightly above. This may also be of interest to mathematics teachers.

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