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In Memory of


 ca 1980 - 1998
Sigma was a darkly tiger striped European. He was found and taken care of "in the street" which is why I don't know his exact birth year. On different grounds his year of birth can be estimated to 1980. Anyway, he moved into my apartment on a rainy day in early August 1987. Some of his favorite occupations were sleeping, eating, drinking directly from the water tap, watching birds, being patted, hunting my feet and playing with me in other ways which he often invented. Like all cats he was a great thinker as is clearly seen from the picture to the right.
Sigma had a long life for a cat, and a happy one. However, cats age faster than humans and at the end of 1997 Sigma showed signs of illness related to old age. Despite the serious situation he temporarily recovered but again got worse during Christmas and died on January 7, 1998.

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