Våra utlärda danser i bokstavsordning


1000 Years
15 Minutes
2 Galway girls
2 hell and back
2 much
2 x 4 shuffle
50 Ways
7th wonder cha
9 to 5
A beer in the bar
A candle in the dark
A cuppa tea
A devil in me
A gigolo
A little bit closer
AB Kiss Me
Achy breaky heart
Add em up
Adios amigo
Af en af
After midnight
Ain't Got No Money
Alabama slammin'
All 4 love
All Bass No Treble
All day long
All Good
All I got
All My People
All of me
All on the line
All over again
All Right On Sunday
All You Need
Alligator rock
Allisa waltz
Amor De Rumba
Any dream will do
Anything goes
Anything goes
Ashes of love
Ay Amor
Baba acredita
Baby bubbles
Baby come to me
Baby don't go
Baby I Miss You
Baby no more
Bad Addiction
Bad dog boogie
Bad moon on the rise
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!
Badly bent
Badly bent 2000
Baker street
Ball & Chain
Ballymore boys
Baptized in beer
Be brave
Be Mine Tonight
Be strong
Beautiful In My Eyes
Beautiful Sunday
Because of you
Beginner winner
Besame Cha Cha
Betcha neva
Beyond your eyes
Big daddy D
Big girl boogie
Billy Jean
Bittersweet memory
Black Betty
Black coffee
Black horse
Black is black
Black velvet
Blame it on the boogie
Blue Finger Lou
Blue finger Lou
Blue Night Cha
Blue rose is
Blurred Lines
Bobbie Sue
Body in motion
Boogie Choo Choo
Boogie woogie
Boom cha
Boot shooting boogie
Bosa nova
Bossy boots
Boyfriend of the year
Bread and butter
Bread on the table
Break Free Cha
Buckle huck
Burning Blue
Bye bye Piccolissima
California blue
Call on me
Calypso Mexico
Can't Let Go
Canadian stomp
Canadian stroll
Caribbean pearl
Catch a hip cat
catch me if you can
Caught in the act
Cetic Heartbeat
Chattahootchee ll
Cheating heart
Cheeky Cha
Cheeky Charleston
Cherry poppin
Chicken Walk Jive
Chill factor
Cico Cico
Clap your hands
Cloud Number Nine
Club Tropicana
Combine harvester groove
Come dance with me
Come on get up
Come to Mexico
Conrado cha cha
Coochie bang bang
Cotton eye Joe
Counting Stars
Country 2 step
Country as a boy can be
Country as can be
Country fire
Country girl
Country twang thang
Cowboy cha cha
Cowboy Man
Cowboy up
Cowgirl twist
Crazy foot mambo
Crazy little thing
Cripple creek
Cross your heart
Cry Cry Cry
Cry to me
CT girl
D&D shuffle
Dance In The Moonlight
Dance like you're the only one
Dance with me
Dance with me tonight
Dancing in line
Deeply completely
Deja vu
Destination dancefloor
Detroit City
Did it have to be me
Disappearing Bubbles
Dit dot ditty
Divisadero cha
Doctor doctor
Doctor's orders
Don't be sad
Don't dance mix
Don't feel like dancing
Don't get mad
Don't push me
Don't worry
Donegan's reel
Doo Wacka Doo
Doo wop be doo be doo
Down To The River
Drawbridge rendez-vous
Dream Lover
Dreams of deceit
Drip droppin
Dry your eyes
East to west
Easy fun
EeeZee Boogie
El Paso
Electric slide
Elvis Shuffle
Empty dreams
Enjoy your life
Enough Is Enough
Eternal Star
Everybody jam
Everything I do
EZ Walk Like Rihanna
Fake I.D
Fall In Love
Fast as you
Feel like crying
Feel the magic
Feel This Moment
Fire on ice
First To Last
First waltz
Fly High
Footstep Of Our Fathers
For The Lovers
Forever and a day
Foxy Girl
Freaky deaky
Fujiyama mama
Full house
Funky cha cha
Funky cowboy
Geek in the pink
Get on the bus
Get reel
Ghost train
Giddy up
Gimme a sign
Girl Watcher
Give Me A Reason
Go for it
Go Mamma Go
Go seven
Go With The Flow
God bless Texas
God day to run
Going all the way
Good Time Girls
Gordita Linda
Got my baby
Got My Baby Back
Got to be funky
Got to you
Got you too
Grace Kelly
Greek no 1
Gypsy woman
Had To Be You
Half Past Nothin'
Hands Up Baby Hands Up!
Have fun go mad
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Head Over Heels
Head phones
Heads or tails
Hear My Song
Heart of an angel
Hearts and flowers
Heat of the night
Heel and toe (Rosalie)
Here for a good time
Hey baby
Hey big spender
Hideway cha
High time
Hillbilly wild
His Only Need
Hit The Road Jack
Ho Ho Quick Quick Slow
Hold A Memory
Hold me right tonight
Hold Your Breath
Hold your horses
Holding On To Yesterday
Honey Pie
Honk if you honkytonk
Honky Tonk Boots
Honky tonk stomp
Hot rod
Hot stuff
Hot tamales
How long
I Am A Good Girl
I can't be bothered
I don't know what she said
I Hope You Find It
I just want to dance
I lied
I love a rainy night
I Love You Because???
I Need You (honest I do)
I said I love you
I saw Linda yesterday
I'll take Texas
I'm Gonna Get You
I'm in love
I'm no good
I'm on my way shrek
I'm so excited
If I can't dance
If I said you had a beautiful body
Imelda's Way
In My Heart
Irish spirit
Irish stew
Irish waltz
Islands in the stream
Isle of paradise
It keeps hurtin' since you've gone
It's heaven
It's up to you
J Ho
J'ai du boogie
Jailhouse rock
Jane's million
Jive walkin'
Jo 'N Jo tango
Jo N Jo Tango
Join the queue
Judy Likes To Rock
Jungle freak
Just 4 fun
Just a kiss
Just a memory
Just a minute
Just Another Woman
Just Dance Away
Just Feeling Blue Today
Just my luck
Just Walk Away
Just Wright
Kabu Kaboem
KC Kickers
Keep dancing all night
Key lime pie
Kick and rock
Kill the spiders
Kiss me honey
Kiss me quick
Knee Deep
Knockin On Wood
La tenga
La Vera
Laid back
Larger Than Life
Late Night Call
Leaving of Liverpool
Let 'Er rip
Let the four winds blow
Let's Limbo
Lightning polka
Lindi shuffle
Liquid Lunch
Little Bluff
Little Red Book
Little Rhumba
Little Spark
Little Susie
Live, laugh, love
Local girl
Looser still
Louisiana Swing
Love and respect
Love bomb
Love is a game
Love Is A Word
Love trick
Love Vein
Lover boy
Lover's waltz
Low Key
Mack the knife
Mad 4 it
Madly off
Magic still there
Make it up
Make my day
Make this day
Make your mind up
Making waves
Mama Loo
Mamma do
Mamma Maria
Margarita cha
Mariana mambo
Mars attack
Maybe I could
Meat and potatoes
Mexican girl
Mexico cha cha
Mi chico latino
Midnight blue
Midnight train
Midnight waltz
Miller magic
Mini Mariana
Miss Lizzy
Mojo Rhythm
Moma Mia
Monterey Mama
Mony mony
Moonlight kiss
Moonlight madness
More than angels
Morning Train
Movin' on over
Mr Pinstripe
Mr President
Mr. Postman
My girl Sally
My Lady Soul
My new life
My Pretty Belinda
My Veronica
Naughty but nice
Never a thought
New dreams
New York 2 LA
New York New York
Newcomer cha
Night and days
No place to go
No smoke
Not Going Home
Not like that
Oklahoma swing
Old Flames
Old stuff
On a good night
On the edge
On the fiddle
On The Rocks
On your own
One & One & One
One foot kicking
One horse town
One Way Ticket
One woman man
Only Lonely
Open Hearts
Operator 4-1-1
Operator Cha Cha
Out and in
Outta Control
Pack Up & Tip Toe
Papa Joe
Part-time lover
Partners in crime
Party 4-2
Patient heart
Peace train
Peaches and cream
Perfect Timing
Pick a pocket
Picnic polka
Piece of cake
Playing With Fire
Pon the replay
Pop cowboy
Pop the booty
Porushka Poranya
Pot of gold
Preacher Man
Pub Crawl
Pucker Up!
Pure love
Put on your dancin' boots
Quarter after one
Rain against my window
Rebel amor
Reet petit
Remember Mississippi
Rev 'em up
Rew'm up
Rhyme or reason
Rhythm cha
Rhythm of the body
Rhythm of the falling rain
Rhythm rock
Right now
Ring My Bells
Rise & Shine
Rock & roll summer
Rock and roll bride
Rock it
Rock my life away
Rockin Robin
Rockin' my life away
Rodeo hustle
Rodeo hustle
Run for the roses
Run it
Runaround Sue
Running Scared
Saddle up shawty
Same old ride
San Francisco
Save me
Save Your Love
Say goodbye
Scootia samba
Scrap it
Sea salt Sally
Seventh wonder cha
Sex on the beach
Sex trap
Sexy Naughty Me
Shake rattle and roll
Shakin Mix
Shame & Scandal In The Family
Shamrock soup
Shanghai Surprise
Shania's Moment
Share the moment
She bangs
She's not you
Shortenin' bread stomp
Show me yours
Side by side
Silver Moon
Simply cha cha
Simply does it
Sing Sing Sing
Single moment
Six shooter
Sixteen step
Slappin' leather
Smokey Places
Smooth operator
Snap to it
Snap your fingers
Solo humano
Some beach
Some Nights
Somebody like you
Something Good
Something In The Air
Something in the water
Something Stupid
Soul food
Southern country shuffle
Southern delight
Spanish night
Speak to the sky
Splish Splash
Stand by me cha
Stars In Your Eyes
Start easy
Stay with me
Step back
Steppin' out
Stich it up
Sticks and stones
Stil got the blues
Stop it!
Stop Me Now
Strike one
Stuck on you
Such A Fool
Suds in the bucket
Sugar pie
Summer lovin'
Sundown waltz
Sweet addiction
Sweet café
Sweet little dangerous
Sweet sweet smile
Swing it
Swing your chains
Syncopathed rhythm
Take a breather
Take these chains
Take two
Talk to me
Tango Cha
Tap room boogie
Teardrop falls
Tell on you
Ten out of 10
Tennessee waltz surprise
Texas stomp
That Old Time Rock'n'Roll
The flute
The Glory Of Love
The king and I
The lilt
The Mermaid
The real thing
The real world
The smooth
The Story Of My Life
The wanderer
The Wire
Thinkin' over
This is the life
Those Were The Days
Through The Fire
Throw Away The Key
Tight fitting jeans
Time To Play
To the moon
Together We Dance
Too blue
Too much candy
Top Of The World
Trashy woman
Travelin' music
Trick me
Trust me
Trust me a little
Turbo twang
Turn me loose
Tush push
Twinkle toes
Twist With The Fat Boys
U 2 me
Under The Boardwalk
Under the sun
Until the end
Vertical expressions
Viva Espana
Viva la vida
Voodoo Me Baby
Walk on by
Walk the dinosaur
Walking backwards
Walking in the rain
Walking On Air
Waltz across Texas
Waltz away
Waltz tonight
Wanna be Elvis
Wanna be me
Wanna Dance
Wanna know why
Watch me now
Watch me now
Watcha gonna do
Watermelon crawl
We are the same
What a mom
What goes around
What's happ'ning
When I Need You
When U Dance
Where I belong
Where've been
Whispering Your Name
Whole again
Why don't you spend the night
Wild Thang
Wild wild west
Winners & Losers
Without you
Women with balls
Wonder woman
WoW Tokyo
Wrapped around
Wrong night
Wrong Side Of The Road
Yes Sir That's My Baby
Yes, Darling Daughter!
Yodel A E Tee
You and I
You Are The Best
You're Amazing
You're so naughty
You're unbelieveable
Young Blood
Your man