Working women in Hans Weigel's Trachtenbuch from 1577

Unlike a lot of other 16th century costume books I haven't seen Hans Weigel's Trachtenbuch webbed in it's entirety. I will not do that either. Not only for copyright reasons; it was reprinted by Verlag Walther Uhl in 1969, but also because scanning that many pictures is no fun. Some of the pictures, like those of turkish and brazilian people are obviously not correct and some of the italians look a little strange too. It may be that Weigel never visited Italy. For german, flemish and french costume we can however put much more trust in his prints.

Maids and peasants

A farmer's wife from France. I made
a version of this in 2002.

A farmer's wife or gardener
from Strasbourg

A woman from east Franconia.
Looks like a working woman to me.

A housemaid from Köln (Cologne)

A housemaid from France or Flanders.

A housmaid from Nürnberg.

A maid from Schwaben.

A maid from Danzig (Gdansk in Poland).

A woman and her maid, from Holland.

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Artisan's wives

Artisan's wife from Schlesien.

Artisan's wife from Köln.

Artisan's wife from Danzig.

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