plays acoustic guitars in the spirit of tradition, preferably slide, lap style and fingerpicking. He has played at festivals in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Made his debut on CD in 2003 with his own album "Knuckleduster Blues" which features a.o. five of Marcus' original songs. He is also a member of the band Pilgrim which plays country and hillbilly music. Marcus leads guitar workshops on slide and fingerpicking and uses the following guitars himself: National Duolian 1932, National Style O 1997, Collings C10 2004 and a Weissenborn lap style guitar by Olsson-Öman 2000.

is first and foremost a singer, a harpist and a songwriter. He was a member of Dominators, Bluelight and Bluebirds before joining the Gothenburg based blues band The Instigators. The band frequently toured clubs and festivals around Europe and also played in the U.S. The Instigators also toured with the U.S. artist Rusty Zinn. The band folded in April 2004 and Stefan now plays with Marcus Svensson and with the quartet Jim's Combo.

Apart from their own songwriting, the foundation of Marcus Svensson's & Stefan Dafgård's repertoire is the early acoustic blues. Black music from the 20's and 30's, e.g. the delta blues of Son House or the deftly picked ragtime of Blind Blake. Stefan brought a lot of 50's influences with him from The Instigators which are now transformed into an acoustic format. The duo takes on everything from Johnny Horton's hillbilly songs to Chicago's harp blues and Little Willie John's heartfelt soul. Nor would oldtime, bluegrass or honkytonk songs be foreign to them as long as they swing and suit the instrumentation of vocals, guitar, harp & washboard. With their tight interplay, obvious enjoyment of the music and a very broad repertoire Svensson & Dafgård have placed themselves to the forefront of the Swedish blues scene. Two musicians who take tradition seriously but are not afraid of reshaping it into something fresh.