© Lyrics: Birger Ernfjord 1995
© Music: Robert Kärrstedt

When you told me to go
It seam the right thing to do
If you don't like me no more
I better walk out through the door

I don't have to fear
What future has to me
I don't have more tears
If there is nothing to see

I wanna drive away
As fast as I can
I wanna run away
As far as I can

I reach the end of the road
I take a breath and I feel good
What can hurt me much more
Then you already do

Have to ignore my heart
It wanna make a point
But gladly my mind is clear
To tell me...don't

I wanna drive....

Don't wanna see what you do
Don't wanna hear what you say
Will put my self together and turn
'fore direction get me a burn

I wanna drive... 


© Lyrics: Birger Ernfjord 1995
© Music: Robert Kärrstedt

Everything I need
Comes from you
Everything I hope for
It's you

Everything I need
Everything I love
It's you,
It's you, It's you

You're the best friend
I ever had
You're the first love
I ever need

What I really need
It's your smile
What I really need
It's you

Everything I ....

All the things I do
I do for you
I hoop you see that
I love you so

You're the best friend
I ever had
I hope you see that
I need you so

Every thing I ....

There's a time for both of us
If you'd like to stay
And there's a lot of time
We can share

If we use our time
Our days will be bright
If we share the days
We will love the night

Everything I ....


© Lyrics: Birger Ernfjord 1996
© Music: Robert Kärrstedt

When I heard the Children play
Their noise running through my head
And I miss the happy days
When you still played Simon Says

Like a fairytale we played in the yard
We both try to be the king of the hill
Played catching me and catching you
All the games we try to win

But all those days is running out
Now I see you only once or twice
The silly games we used to play
Comes to the final end

I still remember the silly songs
And the bedtime story I have told
Before Sandman comes whit piece
I tuck you in till you sleep

All those days ....

All those days ....

Now you're all grown up
Make my life a joyful place
I can relax and slow down
Safe in my soul and mind

All those days ....

All those days ....

All those days ....