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Here she is... my new little baby girl. She moved in on September 29th 2000 and is a real cutey. She and Tom are getting along very well.
They are chasing each other around the apartment.... and are also fighting over the top position of their tree! :-)

Bella is a chocolate colored British shorthair. They are pretty unusual. So far I have taken her to shows 2 times... and both times she became EX 1, so "mommy" is proud!

Here are some pics of her:

Bellababyfr.jpg (47281 bytes)
Here she is 3 weeks old

Bellatreefr.jpg (55449 bytes)
A real chocolate cat

Bellatree2fr.jpg (43496 bytes)
Those eyes are irresistible

Bellatree3fr.jpg (45914 bytes)

Ooooooohhh.... lazy girl!

ToBtreefr.jpg (44851 bytes)

Who's on top?


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