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The British shorthair is a big and gentle cat. I've heard they are like "old English gentlemen", but I would prefer to call them "teddy bears".

The most popular colour is blue, also called "British blue". The size should be a big to large, cobby but not to compact a cat. Big round head, medium ears, with a good width between. Nicely rounded eyes and a round face. Big broad chest, muscled shoulders, strong round body.

Tail should be thick, but not longer than the total body length. The eye colour should be solid, and ranging from gold to copper, except in Whites, colour points and some Tabbies and Silvers.
The coat should be thick, short and dense, giving the appearance of crispness. Cracking in the coat is desired. Paws should be thick and powerful, not overly long, and not fine.

People wanting to purchase a British Shorthair, should know that they, like "all cats" shed their coats once a year, but are less likely to affect people with respiratory problems. They also play, just like any other breed of cat, but tend to slow down and not climb as much as they grow to adulthood.

They continue to grow and develop for up to three years. The average weight of a grown British Shorthair is approximately 7 kilos.
Although a big and heavy cat, they are usually gentle. The British also get along with most other pets.

I'm into my second British shorthair now and I'm saying "once a British shorthair, always a British shorthair", cos they have such a lovely temper. Real "couch cats".

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