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This is a story Grålle wrote 1996.

Meow to you!

My name is Grålle Karlsson. I’m a British blue , I’m 12 years old and I moved in with my ”mom” and ”dad” when I was 8 months old. They already had another cat back then, who was 2 years old. In the beginning we were fighting a lot, but after a few weeks we were pals.

Unfortunately my friend died only a few months after I had moved in and my ”mom” was terrified when they told her it was FIP! That’s a deadly disease, like AIDS. They took me to the vet as soon as possible to check me out and I was infected too. My ”mom” was very worried the first year or so and thought I would die too, but now she has calmed down a lot.

Actually I think it’s pretty ok to be a ”FIP-cat”, because if I was healthy my ”mom” would give me a baby sister and I’m not interested in that at all. Think for yourselves, an unbearable girl right after your tail who’s eating the best parts of your food, taking the best bed and worst of all, ”moms” and ”dads” attention. No, it’s ok to be a ”FIP-cat”.

I went on vacation with ”mom” and ”dad” on their sail boat. I liked that. A lot of interesting harbours to discouver. Some people are acting like they have never seen a cat before. They are pointing at me and saying: ”Look, a cat!”. I don’t think they have heard about shipcats before.

My mission on board is to catch spiders, because ”mom” is afraid to go to bed if she sees them. Silly! Another crazy thing the ”landlubbers” might ask is: ”Is that a real cat?”. If I could talk, I would have asked them if they ever had seen an unreal cat. I mean, either you’re a cat or you’re something else, right? I always answer them with a snort. Stupid people!

Something horrible happened this vacation. ”mom” and ”dad” said they would try to catch a cod for me. Wow, I thought and licked my lips. All of a sudden ”dad” was shouting that he had caught something. I waited for the frozen package of cod filet to come up from the ocean. Ugh!!!! A strugling, slippery, disgusting thing landed in the boat! There was only one thing for me to do, hide below deck.

When the boat entered the harbour, I heard ”dad” rattling a pan and after a few minutes I smelled the lovely smell of boiled cod. I have no idea where that cod came from, but they let me eat it all by myself.

Well, I have a tired paw now, because of all this writing, so I will go to my favourite chair on the balcony now for a nap.


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April 30th 1984 - August 2nd 1999


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