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Gothenburg, Sweden

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repaired and restored musician's 
amps, effects, keyboard and various
(not for sale, belong to customers)

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Fender Super Reverb
Early blackface from 1960´s.
Fender Twin Reverb
CBS silverface.

Fender Twin Reverb.jpg (331120 byte)

Fender Bassman 50
Blackface och CBS silverface.

Fender Bassman 50, black face and CBS.jpg (489930 byte)

Fender Vibro King
new customshop series

Total rebuild preamp, and back to the orginal, to get rid of a typical Swedish terrible modification.

Unfortunately there are a lot of Fender and Marshall amps around Sweden, with this amateurish and disrespectful modifications.

It's a real amplifier sabotage.

Cables and components are very chort and strech mounted, and seem to be soldering with a iron or lighter, rear and back panels are tattered with drilled holes placed slantinggly and also in the panel letters.

Fender Vibroking rebuild, a.jpg (591216 byte)
Fender Vibroking rebuild, b.jpg (580920 byte)
Fender Vibroking rebuild, d.jpg (301420 byte)

Marshall 50w lead
1960´s "plexi plastic face"

Marshall 50, 1960 plexi face.jpg (488275 byte)

Marshall 50w lead
1970´s "gould brushed aluminium face"

Marshall 50, 1970 aluminium face.jpg (316203 byte)

Sound City L/B120 mk-IV (Dallas Arbiter)
A Brittish 170 watt guitar amp with six EL34 power tubes.
The equaliser section,  bass, mid and treble have a very unusually circuit design, maybe not the best ?

Sound City LB120.jpg (400487 byte)

Vox AC30
A orginal 1960´s treble and bass version.

Vox AC30, 1960 bass and treble.jpg (494804 byte)

Vox AC50
A orginal 1960´s
Vox Defiant
50w solid state amp, from the late 1960´s.
It have a lot of "bells and wistles" like vibrato, reverb, fuzz and switchable mid frequencys.

Vox Defiant, 50w transistor.jpg (432936 byte)

Schaller KV50
50w old German amp
from the guitar accessories company.

Schaller KV50.jpg (347411 byte)

Audex TR102
Made in Gothenburg, Sweden, 
This TR102 series, was build in many thousand under 1970 to 1980.

A very durable and reliable 100 watts solid-state amp, 
It was made in guitar and bass versions, and also in 4 and 8 ohms versions, it have two input with separate volume, a echo send/return and a 4 band equalizer, which was Audex typical signature.

early model
Audex TR102B.jpg (386789 byte)
later model
Audex TR102A.jpg (258235 byte)

Audex TR50
A little brother to TR102 with 50 watt output power.

Audex TR50.jpg (301950 byte)

Signature Bo Winberg
Custom made 2x120 watt amplifier, build by Bo Winberg, the famous guitar player in the great Swedish band The Spotnicks.
There are two 6AN8 and total eight 6550 tubes that support both power amps.
The pre amp have one input with volume, bass, middle, treble, balance and master controls, and build with two 12AX7 and one 12AT7 tubes.

This is a very nice and unique guitar/bass amplifier .

Bo Winberg amp, a.jpg (279077 byte)

Bo Winberg amp, b.jpg (530204 byte)

Hagström 39 
Made in Älvdalen, Sweden
A small 6 watts combo amp from around 1963.
It use two ECL82 as power tubes.
Unfortonately it have seriously design error around the phase splitter section, but when this is arrange, it is a nice little amp.

Hagstrom 39.jpg (353752 byte)

Hagström 310
Also a small 6 watts combo.
But this amp use a ECLL-800, a tripple tube with two output pentodes and one triode.

Hagstrom 310.jpg (291859 byte)

Hagström 614V from the early 1960´s
A nice sounding 15 watts combo amp with a Swedish 12" bass and 5" mid/treble speaker made by Sinus.
Build from a "Mullard application" (same as the other of old Hagstöm tube amps) and have two EL-84 power tubes.
Some of them have the very good Patridge output transformer, and other have a Swedish made transformer.

Hagstrom 614V.jpg (427807 byte)

Hagström 620
A 8 watt amp top with two channel, one ch. have
volume , tone control and vibrato, and the other have volume, bas and treble controls.
This amp use two EL-86 as power tubes in push pull. (similar to EL-84, but with lower plate impedance)
Also this amp have some seriously design error, as weak driving from the phase splitter, wrong feedback circuit, reversed bass control and some resistors with wrong value. 
Hagstrom 620.jpg (172010 byte)
Hagström 1700, GA85
A 85 watts solid state combo amp from the late 60´s. (build with germanium transistors) 
It have two Philips AD5200M 12" speakers.
There was also a bigger version, the 140 watts GA140, with four 12" speakers.

Hagstrom 1700 GA85.jpg (334523 byte)

Premier model 50 (Multivox corp. of America)
A small 4 watt amp from the late 1950´s with a 8" speaker and one input with volume and tone control.
It have one 12AX7 pre amp tube and one 6L6 power tube.
I have modificate this amp with a adjustable negative feedback control between 1 to 10 dB feedback factor

Premier model 50 001.jpg (186564 byte)

Premier model 88 
A 25 watts combo amp also from the late 1950´s.
A typical harmonica musicans favourite amp.

It have a unusual tone control section with a raw of switch arms, four switches for instrument input and two for the microphone input.

Premier 88.jpg (430025 byte)

Silvertone model 1433 (Sears, Roebuck & Co.)
A 15 watts combo amp from 1960´s.
A great small jazz/blues guitar amp, and also a beloved harmonica amp.
It have two 6L6 tubes and a Utha 15" speaker.
Two inputs with volume, bass, treble, vibrato controls.

Silvertone 1433.jpg (321611 byte)

Silvertone model 1482 (very similar to model 1432)
A 8 watts combo amp from 1960´s.
Also a great harmonica amp.
It have two 6V6 tubes and a 12" speaker.
Two inputs with volume, tone and vibrato.
Silvertone 1432.jpg (272663 byte)
Ampeg SVT 
"Japan version"
In my opinion, the best buildt SVT version.
Ampeg SVT.jpg (346331 byte)
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effects and keyboard

Vox echo machine

Vox echo.jpg (375217 byte)

MXR pedal equalizer
modified from 117 volt ac input
to extern psu plug-in adaptor

MXR 10 band eq pedal.jpg (287014 byte)

Mini Moog

Mini Moog.jpg (425653 byte)

Moog Taurus, basspedal synth

Moog Taurus.jpg (538265 byte)

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Celestion 12" guitar speaker
reconing with a NOS 1970´s spare cone

Recone Celestion, a.jpg (308279 byte)
Recone Celestion, b.jpg (132012 byte)