HansÚn Audio
Gothenburg, Sweden

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my first very early products

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6 microphone inputs tubemixer,
with volume, bass,treble
and echo feed on each cannel

M6R tube mixer.jpg (67987 byte)

60 watt tube power amp
for the mixer above
(Dynaco mark-3 clone)

S60R tube power amp.jpg (120516 byte)

DJ-mixer, build with the first generation
of commercial op-amps, Amelco 811

4 music inputs with common equalizer
bass, treble and 3 boost filters.
1 mike input with eq and fade-over

Disco broschyr, ljud.jpg (268713 byte)

horn speakers, my version of
Altec A7 "The Voice of Theatre"
and Electrovoice "Eliminator"

A7, Eliminator.jpg (145956 byte)

more horn speakers, and me self as
young, and in a proud pose

A7, BH pos..jpg (145885 byte)