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Gothenburg, Sweden

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old studios in Gothenburg

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Platina Studio 1977
located on Nobelgatan, Gothenburg
Build by Gunnar "Gurra" Ringström and Bengt Hellberg

Neve 24-16-24 console with 1081 inputs
24 track Ampex MM1100
2 track Studer A80, B62 and Revox A77
Speakers: JBL 4340 with Crown DC300 and BGW amps,
Electrovoice Sentry 2 with Crown DC75 amp
Compressors: Urei 1176, LA3
Reverbs: EMT 140TS plate and Master Room MR3 spring reverb
Microphones: Neumann U87, U47fet, U47tube, Sennheiser MD421
Electrovoice 635, RE10, RE15 RE20


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Bohus Studio 1975
in the first building located on Färgfabriksgatan, Kungälv.
Build by Gunnar Ringström and Åke Eldsäter

16-8-16 console build by Gunnar "Gurra" Ringström
and two side car consoles build by me and Ela-Ljud
19" rack with 6 API 312 mic amp cards
24 track Ampex MM1100
8 track Scully
2 track Studer B62 and Revox A77
Speakers: JBL S7 and JBL L100 with Crown DC300 amps
Compressors: Urei 1176, LA3, Eventide Omnipressor
Noisegate: Allison Kepex 500
Equalizers: 4 ch. ext. eq unit build by G.Ringström,
Reverbs: EMT 140TS plate, Semprini tape echo
Microphones: Neumann U87, KM84, KMS85
Shure SM57, SM53, SM54, SM76
Electrovoice 635, RE10, RE20

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1977, Bohus studio move to a new building locaded on
Mastrandsvägen in Kungälv, and this house was build as a studio
complex from beginning.
Acoustics design by Tom Hidley, Westlake Audio, USA.

Same equipments as the old studio, except the new Harrison console
with Allison automation.
and change from Ampex MM1100 to a MM1200.
Some more new things as Westlake Audio monitor speakers with
HH amps and White equalizers, ATR100 2 track machine,
Harmonizer 910, Marshall Time Modulator.
The Bohus Studio was closing down 1980, and Polar Studio (ABBA)
purchase all equipments.


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Ljudspåret Studio 1979
new owner in the old Platina Studio location.
The elctronics and acoustics rebuild by me and Åke Eldsäter.

16-8-16 Allen & Heath mod.2, total rebuild by me.
16 track Scully 288-16B, a great sounding multitrack machine
(from Decca in London, use by Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, etc.)
Speakers: Mastering Lab "Big Red" with Altec 604 coax.
Electrovioce Sentry 2, Auratone 5C, driven with Crown amps.
Compressors: Urei 1176, LA3
Noisegates: Omnicraft GT4
Delay: MXR dig.delay, MXR Auto Flanger/Phaser, Delta Lab
Reverb: EMT 140TS plate, Master Room MR3
Microphones: Neumann U87, U47fet, U87tube, Shure SM57/58
Electrovoice 635, RE10, RE15, RE20, Sennheiser MD421

In 1980 the console changes to a Soundcraft 1624
and a 24 track Otari MTR90

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Following studios design and electronic, acoustic
built by me and Åke Eldsäter

Vivaldi Studio 1, 1980
150 square metre live studio, with a lot af wood

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Vivaldi Studio 1, 1980
control room

24-24-24 Soundworkshop 1600 console
24 track Otari MTR90, 2 track Otari machines
Speakers: Urei 812, Yamaha NS10, Auratone 5C, BGW amps.
Compressors: Urei LA4, DBX160, Audio & Design F160
Noisegate: Omnicraft GT4
Delay: Ursa Major Space Station
Reverb: Echo Plate EP2, Master Room XL305
Microphones: a lot of Neumann, AKG, Electrovoice, Shure
DI-boxes: Susan Blue, Audio & Design, SSE

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Vivaldi Studio 2, 1980

A small studio with tight sound

Vivaldi Studio 2, 1980
control room

16-8-8 Allen & Heath mod.3 console
8 track Otari 5050-8, 2 track Otari 5050mk2 tape machines
Tanoy 12" coax speakers, Auratone 5C, BGW amps
Urei 1178 compressor, Soundworshop spring reverb

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