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Gothenburg, Sweden

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repaired and restored microphones
(not for sale, belong to customers)

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condenser microphones

Neumann M149 Tube

Output level modification

Add on a gain switch in 5 step,
0dB= approx. U67 level and then
+6, +12 or -6, -12 dB

Neumann M149 modification.jpg (401881 byte)
Neumann M149 modification inside.jpg (308908 byte)

. .
Neumann U87i

all tantal and electrolytic
capacitor replaced.

Adjusted FET bias

Capsule cleaned

Neumann U87i.jpg (185123 byte)

Neumann M269


Capsule cleaned

Neumann M269.jpg (196559 byte)

Neumann U47 fet


Adjusted FET bias

Neumann U47fet.jpg (227623 byte)

Neumann KM54

Take care of some bad connections

New plate/transformer coupling capacitor

Neumann KM54.jpg (82030 byte)

Neumann KM56

Take care of some bad connections

New plate/transformer coupling capacitor


Neumann KM56.jpg (101977 byte)

Schoeps CMT56


Adjusted FET bias

Schoeps CMT56.jpg (189129 byte)



Take care of "motorboating" problem in
hyper cardioid pattern mode.

Cleaned cabsule

AKG C414EB.jpg (181782 byte)
Neumann U87 capsule head repair

New pad and lo cut "pins"

Neumann U87-Ai knob, b.jpg (30659 byte)

. .
Neumann N52a power supply
Replacement of "stabbelyt" in heater 
section to new IC-regulator

Neumann N52a.jpg (299166 byte)

. .


dynamic microphones

. .
Unfortunately very hard to find new spare membrane
to day.

AKG D12.jpg (360111 byte)

Beyer M260

Beyer M260.jpg (247807 byte)

Sennheiser MD21 and MD421
Total repair and restoration.
Also modification from the "HN" version to normal
200 ohms balanced connecting.

Sennheiser MD21, MD421.jpg (193797 byte)

Sennheiser MD421
My speciality, converting the old Tuchel connector
to a XLR connector.
Also remove the old "magnetic" bass cut filter, because it
influence the sound quality even in the "M music mode"

Sennheiser MD421, connector mod..jpg (75325 byte)

Shure 545S and 545SD

Shure 545S, 545SD.jpg (164316 byte)

. .
Lot of old Shure capsules

Shure capsules.jpg (269458 byte)

. .