HansÚn Audio
Gothenburg, Sweden

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repaired and restored studio equipments
(not for sale, belong to customers)

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compressor limiter

Urei LA3
New T4B opto unit
Mains safty prepare
Urei LA3.jpg (171887 byte)
Urei LA4
Restore after early bad reapair
Main safty prepare

Urei LA4.jpg (282985 byte)

Urei 1176
Restore and re-building of a  douptful function 
line amp modification
Mains safty prepare

Urei 1176.jpg (389784 byte)

Urei LA22
Take care of a lot of bad soldering problem.
I have done this maintenance on approx. 30
units of LA12 and LA22

Urei LA22.jpg (241416 byte)

Replaced mains transformer
Mains safty prepare
DBX 160XT.jpg (374027 byte)
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