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Traded my Honda CB900 1981 to the VF1000F at Anderberg Motor in Helsingborg Sweden. Purchased a "Pichler" engine-cover , 4-2 Vance & Hines exhaust system and side cases from Hepco & Becker. The windshield was replaced to a higher model from Givi.

Restoration: everything in the engine was replaced that
had any sign of wear:

        - Gasket set A + B
        - Honing of Cylinder, Cylinder head and intake.
        - New Piston rings
        - New Bearings
        - New Camshaft chains and  + tensioners.
        - 3 new gears
        - A new Shift fork

After the restore a Dynojet kit was mounted and the "bad" Vance & Hines 4-2 exhaust system was replaced with a Hindle 4-1 system because the effect was negative. The fact is the Vance & Hines system had lower effect than the original exhaust system (se charts) The air filter case was removed and a K&N filter was fitted. The main jets was changed to #140
See performance specifications

In January -00 the rear suspension was replaced to hand-made from
Öhlin's The thermal switch, which controls the radiator fan was upgraded (Order part # 37760-KE7-003). It's the original thermal switch mounted on VF400 and it will lower the fan threshold
by 10° C (50° F).