Heathkit SB-610

The Heathkit SB-610 monitor scope is primarly designed for monitor the RF-signals, on-the-air signals, from the local transmitter. It can also be used to monitor received signals when connected to a receiver.
It monitors RF-envelop, RF-trapezoid and RTTY pattern. SB-610 has also a built-in two-tone sinewave AF-oscillator for SSB-transmitter adjustment.

The Monitor-Scope matches the SB-line.


Frequency coverage: 160 through 6 meters (50 to 75 ohm coax) Signal Power Limits: 15 Watts to 1 kW Power Requirements: 120 VAC or 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), 35 W Dimension: 10" wide * 6-5/8" high * 11-1/8" deep including knobs Weight: 9 lbs or 4.2Kg